Avian Encephalomyelitis 

Avian encephalomyelitis (AE) is a viral infection of the central nervous system that can affect all poultry, but typically young chicks as well as adults in lay. Signs of infection include trembling of the head, birds down on their sides, ataxia and dull eyes. Chicks usually display drowsiness, lack of coordination, unsteady gait and mortality. Cataracts and a drop in egg production of five to 10% may occur in adults.1


Species: Chicken | Sample Type: Serum | Test Time: Less than 2 hours

The ProFLOK® AE Ab avian encephalomyelitis antibody test kit is a rapid serologic enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of avian encephalomyelitis antibody in chicken serum samples.


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