Avian Reovirus

Reovirus (REO) infections are pervasive in commercial poultry flocks. Most strains are nonpathogenic and seem to survive harmlessly in the intestine. However, others have been associated with several disease conditions. The most frequent reovirus-associated disease in poultry is viral arthritis, which manifests in swelling of the tendons of the shank and above the hock. Affected birds walk with a stiff gait or prefer not to move.


Species: Chicken | Sample Type: Serum | Test Time: Less than 2 hours

The ProFLOK® REO Ab avian reovirus antibody test kit is a rapid serologic enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of REO antibody in chicken serum samples. It is designed to aid in the detection of pre- and post-vaccination REO antibody levels (titer) in chickens.