Leishmania infantum

Canine leishmaniasis (also known as canine leishmaniosis) is an infectious disease caused by Leishmania infantum transmitted by infected sandflies. Clinical signs associated with infection can include skin lesions, weight loss, decreased appetite and exercise intolerance, although not all infected dogs develop clinical signs. In areas were L. infantum is endemic and transmitted by sand flies it is an important agent of human disease.   

Ag Leishmania infantum

Ag Leishmania infantum is a formol-inactivated suspension of Leishmania infantum promoastigote parasites. This can be used for the detection and titration of L. infantum antibodies in canine serum, mainly with the indirect immunofluorescence technique (IIF).

WITNESS® Leishmania

Sample Type: Anticoagulated (citrate or heparin) whole blood, plasma or serum | Test Time: Approximately 10 minutes

WITNESS® Leishmania is an in-clinic Rapid Immuno Migration (RIM™) test that detects Leishmania infantum antibodies in canine anticoagulated whole blood, serum or plasma.