Reproductive Diagnostics

The reproductive line of diagnostic test kits includes products to assist in ovulation timing and pregnancy detection.


CYTOFIXATEUR is to be used for the fixation of cell smears on glass slides.


DIAGNOESTRUS COLORATION is a product for the coloration of canine vaginal cell smears.


DIAGNOESTRUS RINCAGE is a rinsing product (to be used with DIAGNOESTRUS COLORATION).


Sample Type: Serum | Test Time: Approximately 20 minutes

The WITNESS® LH test kit provides an accurate, semiquantitative measurement of canine and feline luteinizing hormone (LH) through Rapid Immuno Migration (RIM™). Although originally designed as a canine ovulation timing aid, WITNESS LH may be used to distinguish between ovariohysterectomized and sexually intact queens and bitches.

WITNESS® Relaxin

Sample Type: Serum or plasma | Test Time: Approximately 10 minutes

WITNESS® Relaxin is a RIM™ test intended to determine pregnancy in canine and feline patients, as well as to distinguish between pseudopregnancy and gestation. The RIM kit measures relaxin produced by the developing placenta(s) in plasma and serum samples. The presence of significant amounts of this hormone is a reliable indicator of pregnancy. Relaxin can be detected in biological samples as early as 20 days after the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge has occurred. The percentage of pregnancies detected increases later in gestation as the placenta produces more relaxin.