Mastitis is an infectious disease resulting in an inflammatory reaction in the mammary glands of the cow. Mastitis reduces milk production and milk quality. It is the most common disease in dairy cattle, characterized by various degrees of severity — ranging from a mild disease with no gross changes in the secretion (milk) but an increase in inflammatory cells (somatic cells) in the milk, to a moderate disease with an increase in inflammatory cells and gross changes in the milk. Mastitis may progress to a severe disease with systemic signs — including fever, depression and “off-feed” — and, occasionally, even death in the most severe cases.


Sample Type: Milk | Test Time: Approximately 2 minutes

LEUCOCYTEST FLACON detects subclinical mastitis in bovine milk samples using the milk gelatin reaction (California Mastitis Test) in which the milk and test mixture gel or solidify in proportion to the amount of infection present.


LEUCOCYTEST PLATEAU provides plates to perform the Leucocytest for mastitis.